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Food distribution at Srinivasapura, Kollar, Karnataka

Fieldwork report from Ravi g m, Srinivasapura

Volunteer’s Name: Ravi g m
Location of Work: Srinivasapura, Karnataka
Team Members involved: Anjamma, Krishnappa, Raghu and Radamma
Work Details: We surveyed and found that many poor families and migrate people’s are facing very difficulty due to this lockdown. They have no regular paid jobs. Neither they are supported by the government. Many even don’t have ration cards. We also found some beggers, dwellers at temples who also have nothing to eat due to shut down of the temples. We appealed to Nagaloka to support us and help them. Due to Nagaloka’s support we can support these needy families.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 35
Beneficiaries Details: Beggars, Dwellers at temples, migrant people.
Beneficiaries are very happy and emotional. They say that they are very satisfied with the help. They also thanked us a lot. And we thank Nagaloka for giving the opportunity for helping people.

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