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Ration Distribution in Kamptee, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Field work report

Volunteer’s Name: Dh Nagamitra
Report Date: 2020-04-12
Location of Work: Kamptee, Nagpur
State: Maharashtra
Team Members involved: Nagaloka team Sramanamitra, Nagadeep, Nagamitra, and Shivshankar Driver
Work details: We felt that really helped people but we had big list, so went back to get more packets and then we reached to Kamptee to our friend Ajay Patil who has a list of 30 needy people we could handed over only 15 packets, he has distributed it according to his list. While coming back again we met with one shepherd and handed over one packet.
Then while coming back to Nagaloka, Nagpur, we given six packets to Pili Nadi areas.

Next day again we went Kamptee and distributed more packets to needy by Ajay Patil, who has given nearly 30 people little by little.

From Kamptee we went to meet with some needy people as Nagadeep findout some areas, but that areas was not suitable to reach. So we left it and went to MIDC area to meet with migrant, but we couldn’t find out any there

From there we went to Rameshwari and hand over 5 families food packets including our old friend who is very poor and he has no work, Mr. Anil Borkar, we were waiting for him and found that our vehicle was surrounded by the people those
who were asking for food. Very strange situation we were all facing it.

We escape from there and reached back to Nagaloka, Nagamitra handed over one Packet to Ajai Meshram from wanjra lay our and shramanmitra has distributed some of the packets nearly by his house as they were extremely needy.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 30
Beneficiaries Details: Migrant labours
We all were really wanted to give needy people but same time the people were
reaching to us, were looking needy as well but we were confused and wanted to use our relief to the needy.

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