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Ration Distribution in Balrampur District, Uttar Pradesh- Day 1

Fieldwork report

Volunteer’s Name: Vidushi Vishakha
Report Date: 2020-04-13
Location of Work: Bardahawa, Rohrauli, Mohnapur, district Balrampur
State: Uttar Pradesh
Team Members involved: Vidushi Vishakha and her colleagues

Work Details: Vidushi is an alumni from the 13th batch of our NTI programme. She works with the Uttar Pradesh Police Force and is appointed in Balrampur District. She feels very grateful that the Nagaloka family is working together in this pandemic. As part of her duty, she patrols a number of villages, and has located many poor families in urgent need of supplies. She had sent a list of 30 families to Nagaloka, allocating an amount of Rs.700 for each family, and Nagaloka managed to extend support to 50 families. After receiving this money, Vidushi purchased the necessary provisions with the help of her police community. Together, they distributed food supplies to the families in need.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 30 on Day 1
Beneficiaries Details: Scheduled Caste members, Other Backward Caste members, Minority communities, daily wage workers, cycle repairmen, rickshaw pullers

Remarks: We distributed ration (essential food items) to 30 families in need. They were thanking us a lot. Further more 20 packets will be distributed as planned to other families the next day.

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