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Food Distribution

Ration Distribution in Subarnapur, Odisha

Field work report:

Volunteer’s Name: Bhramara Tandia
Report Date: 2020-04-11
Location of Work: At- Babupali, Dist- Subarnapur
State: Odisha
Team Members involved: Bhramara Tandia, Rabindra Jal, Gajindra Suna, Sunil Suna, Manu Mahanadna

Work details: We have coordinated in our local network and distributed 5kg rice, 1kg dal, 0.5 litre oil, 1kg tomatoes, 1kg potatoes, 1 bar of soap each to families in Babupali in urgent need of supplies. Our network has helped with buying the produce from markets and arranging them into packets ready for distribution.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 19 families, 74 people
Beneficiaries Details: Mainly Dalit families, particularly elderly people and daily wage labourers.

Remarks: My family and my village thank the donors, specifically Firefly Mission in Singapore, for providing relief to us in our time of utmost need, as well as Maitreya and the Nagaloka team for their kind support in organising and arranging this. We have successfully distributed food to 19 families with a total of 74 members of Babupali village, and we hope to do more for them in the coming weeks.
Thank you so much Nagaloka.

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