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Ration Distribution in Balrampur District, Uttar Pradesh- Day 2

Fieldwork report:

Volunteer’s Name: Vidushi Vishakha
Mobile: 9451869898
Report Date: 2020-04-14
Location of Work: Village Mahadevgosai, Harijanpurwa, district Balrampur
State: Uttar Pradesh
Team Members involved: Vidushi Vishakha & other police staff

Work details: We distributed 30 packets yesterday and as planned, we have distributed 20 packets. This time we targeted 2 other villages and provided food supplies to ten families each in these villages. We used the vehicles and other coordination facilities provided by the Police department.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 20
Beneficiaries Details: Scheduled Caste and Minorities communities

Remarks: People were thanking us a lot for our help. It was tearful to see that few don’t even have a good carry bag to carry the necessary rations given. The news of us helping was also highlighted in the local newspaper. I personally thank the donors, Nagaloka, and the families who worked so hard to provide us the support in such conditions. Hope we will continue helping each other in this pandemic situation.

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