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Ration Distribution in Kolar, Karnataka

Fieldwork report from Kolar, Karnataka

Volunteer’s Name: Dhammamitra Vijay Kumar
Location of Work: Malur, Kolar
State: Karnataka
Team Members involved: Vijay, Thilak, Asharani

Work Details: Our NTI alumni from Kolar region in Karnataka came together to respond to the COVID-19 related lockdown. Together, they surveyed affected regions, and noted down daily wage earners, elderly, widows, physically challenged and other minority communities who are in severe need of help. These groups cannot afford to feed themselves and their families daily. The volunteers have collected donations with which they bought food provisions for 15 families, and distributed them accordingly.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 15
Beneficiaries Details: Daily wage earners, elderly, widows, minority communities, physically challenged peopl

Remarks: All the beneficiaries are very happy to receive the food kits, and they thanked us a lot. A few of them also asked if they can be of any help for our relief work, which we appreciate very much and will use their resources to locate more people in need. There are still many who are suffering, and we hope to do more in the coming weeks.


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