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Food Distribution in Kollar, Karnataka

Food Distribution in Kollar, Karnataka
Fieldwork report:
Volunteer’s Name: Ravi GM
Location of Work: Srinivasapura, Kollar, Karnataka
Team Members involved: Anjamma, Krishnappa, Raghu and Radamma

Nagaloka alumni in Kollar surveyed a large slum area in the Srinivasapura region of Kollar, Karnataka. They found that many of the people are daily wagers and they are very very poor, with nothing or no one to help them. After getting funds, our alumni distributed food grains such rice and dal, and also sugar, sambar powder, chilli powder, matchboxes, soap, detergent, onions, potatoes, and vegetables.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 35 families
Beneficiaries Details: Daily waged labourers
The beneficiaries are extremely happy and relieved to be able to eat and feed their families at this time.

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