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Food Distribution in Fatehpur, Gaya, Bihar

Food Distribution in Fatehpur, Gaya, Bihar
Field Work Report:
Volunteer’s Name: Upendra
Report Date: 2020-04-19
Location of Work: Village Raghwachak, Fatehpur Gaya, Bihar
Team Members involved: Upendra, Subodh, Ramesh

Work Details: NTI alumni living in Gaya district surveyed the area, and found that daily wage labourers, members of the Manji tribes, muslim minorities and Phasi community people were suffering in a village called Fatehpur were suffering profusely. They were struggling to feed their children two times a day, due to their poverty. Our volunteers listed 60 families who need our support the most. After receiving funds, the volunteers were able to purchase ration for all these 60 families. They also coordinated with the local police and took all the legal precautions and permissions needed to do their work.
A packet of ration for one family consists of 5kg rice, 5kg wheat flour, 1 kg dal, 5 kg potato, 1-litre cooking oil, 1 piece soap and 1 kg salt in whole. Our volunteers were able to distribute the packets to all 60 families in need.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 60 Family
Beneficiaries Details: Daily waged labours, Manji Tribes, Muslim minorities and Pasi Communities
Thank you to the Nagaloka family and the donors also who are helping amid this pandemic. We are trying our best to reach out to more people as we know so many are still suffering.

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