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Food Distribution in Kalahandi, Odisha

Field work report from Gurudev Nanda, Pourkela, Kalahandi, Odisha
Volunteer’s Name: Gurudev Nanda
Location of Work: Pourkela, Kalahandi
State: Odisha
Team Members involved: Gurude Nanda(NTI Alumni), Murali Suna, Savitri Suna, Anju, Papu, Akash
Work Details: Through the NTI Covid19 relief fund, our NTI alumni and volunteers received money. They then sent it to their extended family members and volunteering team who used the money to buy 130 kg of rice, 20 kg of Rahad dal, 30 packets of cooking oil, and soap. They then distributed these provisions to families who are at most risk right now.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 30 families
Beneficiaries Details: unemployed and daily wage laborers
Remarks: Our beneficiaries are very grateful to receive food supplies. They hope that they can use them until the lockdown ends.

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