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Ration Distribution in Sonepur, Odisha

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Bhramara Tandia
Location of Work: Siali, Sonepur,
State: Odisha
Team Members involved: Bhramara Tandia ( NTI Alumni), Hema Tandia, Sabita Tandia, Bundabana Tandia
Work Details: NTI alumni have brought together their network to distribute basic food items to 15 needy families at Siali village. These are mainly from the sweeper community, as well as the elderly suffering from bad health conditions. They have distributed 100kg of rice, 15kg of Dal, 8 litres of refined oil, 15 kg tomatoes, 15kg potatoes, 15 kg onions, and Dettol soap. They have successfully provided these food items to the families in time, with family and friends helping with organising and distribution. Without the support of this larger network, it would be impossible to provide for relief work.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 15 families, 53 people
Beneficiaries Details: Sweeper community, whose livelihood depends on daily wages.

We have received many thanks and blessings for this kind of help. and the beneficiaries have also expressed feelings of joy and relief while receiving ration. We were told that while many representatives of NGOs had taken down their details for receiving donations and ration, many had not received any kind of help before we came along. It has been really sad to see the condition of people in need, especially the elderly. They do not have access to enough food for daily living. Although our help was not much, comparatively, but it has been able to meet their basic needs. They have expressed their feelings of gratitude towards the Firefly mission and Nagaloka teams for this kind help of providing ration to Siali village.

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