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Ration Distribution in Nizamabad Kondor, Telangana

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Y Rahul
Location of Work: Nizamabad Kondor
State: Telangana
Team Members involved: Y Rahul, Manisha, Lakhan

Work Details: After receiving support from Nagaloka’s donors, our alumni in Telangana got groceries from the supermarket, and packed it safely to distribute amongst needy people. They have identified a list of those who are most vulnerable, and organised a safe distribution centre to pick up the ration from. Because there was a crowd gathering, the volunteers had to spend a lot of time teaching how to maintain social distancing measures. They even got the help of the police, and as the situation calmed down, they were able to distribute groceries systematically. They also personally visited many homes and, upon inquiring about their condition, gave them ration and also taught them how to take precautions against the virus.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 23 families
Beneficiaries Details: Daily wage labourers, domestic workers and small scale business owners, auto drivers, restaurant staff, construction labourers

Remarks: The beneficiaries are happy to see the groceries and thanking Nagaloka. Some of them started crying. Some were also angry with the state government for failing to provide basic ration facilities.  Those who have received the kits blessed Nagaloka. There are issues of transportation since it is very hard to travel anywhere and get vehicles during this time. There are also many families who are in need that haven’t received help yet, and we hope to help them soon.

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