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Ration distribution- Bangalore rural- Karnataka

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Bhramara Tandia
Location of Work: Hoskote, Banglore Rural
State: Karnataka
Team Members involved: Bhramara Tandia(NTI Alumni), Narendra Tandi, Achuta Bharasagar
Work Details: We have been helping them from getting food from the market and Narendra and Achuta has brought food items from the market.
We have provided ration to them. we distributed Rice 50kg, 3 lit Ruchi oil, coconut oil, 4kg moong dal, 10kg Potato, 8kg tomato,8kg onion, 5 kg Brinjal, 2 handwashes, green vegetable including Saag, Bitter gourd, chili, lemon, beans, putel.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 11
Beneficiaries Details: Migrant workers who has stuck in Hoskote
The migrant worker has expressed their happiness for this help. We am grateful for this kind help to Nagaloka Team for their compassionate initiative to give some relief to the migrant worker and the needy people by providing basic food items to the entire nation. as where the government has not taken any steps to provide food items to the migrant worker but in that place, Nagaloka has shown the courage to save the life of people during this COVID19. WE have thanked each and every doner who have to contribute to humanity.

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