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Ration Kits Distribution in YK Juggi Camp, New Delhi

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: SATYENDRA PAL
Location of Work: YK Juggi Camp, Yamuna Khadar, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, East Delhi-91
State: Delhi (Union Territory)
Team Members involved: Satyendra Pal, Rajesh, Munendra, Vishal, Jagat Pal, Mitul

Work Details: Satyendra Pal, Nagaloka alumni, is currently working and residing in YK Juggi Camp area of East Delhi. He has been teaching people in the community, particularly those who are most vulnerable in terms of livelihood. The lockdown has affected this neighbourhood severely, and hundreds are struggling to get basic food requirements. Satpal and his team of volunteers have been distributing ration and grocery kits to many people in need. They have also registered themselves under the new E-Coupon-Temporary E-Ration Card scheme initiated by the Delhi government, to facilitate smoother access to resources.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 200 families
Beneficiaries Details: Daily wage labourers living in slum areas.
Remarks: They have felt very grateful to receive grocery kits amidst COVID-19. They thanked our team a lot. They appreciate our initiative and support. There is much more work to be done though, so we request everyone to contribute, as it can help save many lives at this time.


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