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Kits Distribution in Somavarapatti, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Lakshmi. R
Location of Work: Somavarapatti, Tiruppur.
State: Tamil Nadu
Team Members involved: Lakshmi, Ravikumar, and Palanisamy

Work Details: Since the nationwide lockdown has been extended into May, this has only made survival more difficult for daily wage labourers and others without adequate income. Food and daily needs for the foreseeable future are something they cannot depend on, due to the fact that they have no work and have to stay in their homes. Nagaloka tried to connect the alumni to local NGOs and other organisations but they did not offer help. Hence, the COVID-19 relief fund of Nagaloka helped provide assistance for poor families. It was our humble request to help  35 families, with more than 120 people in total, with their ration needs.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 35 families
Beneficiaries Details: Daily wage workers and labourers

Remarks: The beneficiaries were relieved by the support they received and thanked the team a lot.

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