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4th Phase Meeting

Jai Bhim All,
Zoom Meeting Minutes
Dated 30th April 2020, time 9:00 am
Alumni present: Maitreyaratna, Pradeep, Sridhar, Ravi, Lakhindar, Upendra, Uttam, Prasant, Rahul, Asanghavajra, Ratnakumar, Maitriratna, Pawan, Bhanu, Divya, Binojbabu
Alumni could not join: Dharamsingh
*Points to discuss:*
1. 4th phase disbursement
  • Maitreyaratna briefed that currently, we have the availability of 10 lakhs only. So, we have to cautiously allocate the amount among the requests.
  • We in total received 39 appeals which compiled 13,70,404 rupees in total.
  • We finalized 32 appeals as to be disbursed that covers 1482 families(in total) with 5200+ individuals within the amount of 9,39,766. In this, we covered 12 states and 26 districts.
  • We discussed and finalized the list as attached.
  • 7 appeals were canceled due to pending of previous bills, non-availability of the beneficiary list, rechecking of other funding resources, etc.
2. Social Media &
4. Economic crisis and the next step
  • It is highly recommended to all for publicity of our website.
  • The state volunteers should publicity at their local level so they can generate local funding also.
  • we all understand the global economic-market crisis. So, we should aim more on local resource generation.
3. Thanksgiving to our donors
  • Short Videos from the ground volunteers are expected.
  • Regional language videos are the most invited. Translated English Captions will be included.
5. Changes in the appeal form
  • The appeal link describes the state coordinators.
  • Appeal/proposal formats are the same but it will only be submitted by the State Coordinators, only through their log in ids.
  • The volunteers(with the appeal) have to communicate with the state coordinator.
It is expected that this will result in the formation of State mechanisms and strengthen them.

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