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Celebrating Vesak Poornima

Address by Dh Lokamitra and Maitriveer Nagarjuna (Dr. Santosh Raut) for Nagarjuna Training Institute’s Alumni

An Online Zoom meeting was taken and also was made FB live for NTI’s alumni on this occasion. Dh Lokamitra wished all the Alumni a very happy Vesak day. He also mentioned that this is the first time he is celebrating Buddha jayanti in this way. It is a tough time people are going through and shares his concern regarding the future of Nagaloka and NTI. He also says that even though after the lockdown breaks social distancing will be continued for atleast two years.


Maitreyveer Nagarjuna (Trustee And Director -Nagarjuna Training Institute) remembered Babasaheb on this day for his great contribution ever contributed in the history of Buddhism. He says, Babasaheb should be acknowledged majorly on the two aspects that are the most relevant at this time. He believed this will be acknowledged further also as it relevant throughout due to its philosophical implications. The two aspects that we should acknowledge are:

  • Pradnya – Babasahab beautifully brings this framework in a very critical and analytical way. He urges to go beyond the frameworks of reasons, we should go beyond the binary.
  • Karuna – This has been very sophisticated and the strongest tool to fight any virus since Buddhahood days. And It will definitely be the best tool for all of us to fight this pandemic and further also.

Babasahab has contributed tremendously on this framework especially in India, which is slowly being acknowledged by the whole world also.


The meet was anchored by Dhivya.

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