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Ration distribution in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Lakshmi. R
Location of Work: Somavarapatti, Tiruppur District.
State: Tamil Nadu
Team Members involved: Lakshmi. R, Ravikumar.
Work Details: Since the nationwide lockdown has been extended to May 17, this has created even more difficulties for migrant workers and other vulnerable communities. They are left without money or food. 145 migrants workers have been staying near Nagaloka alumnus Lakshmi R’s home, who were working for a private company. She tried to reach out to NGOs and other organisations for help but they could not provide any form of assistance. The company the workers were employed at left them empty handed. With Nagaloka’s support, however, they were able to get food supplies.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 145
Beneficiaries Details: Migrant workers
Thank you NTI Nagaloka for helping in this pandemic.


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