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Ration Distribution in Avoipur, Arunachal Pradesh

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Fhulari Chakma
Location of Work: District: Changlang, Village: Avoipur
State: Arunachal Pradesh
Team Members involved: Fhulari Chakma, Namodis Chakma, Asmita Chakma

Work details: Nagaloka alumni from the state of Arunachal Pradesh got together and conducted a survey of families who were suffering during this lockdown. They found 35 families from vulnerable communities were in dire need of assistance, without adequate food to feed themselves. They were able to receive donations, and with that, they distributed kits of 15 kg of rice, onions, potatoes, salt and cooking oil to these families at their doorsteps.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 35 families
Beneficiaries Details: Labourers, daily wage workers and widows

Remarks: The beneficiaries were very thankful to NTI, its donors, and its volunteers for all the help they provided to them. They mentioned that although many NGOs and even Government organisations had promised to provide them essentials like rice, hardly a few had benefitted from these schemes. The ones who did only received 5kg of rice, which was not enough to live on and feed your children for a long time. We, the volunteers and alumni also thank and give metta to NTI and its donors for making this work possible. There are still many families in need in the villages of Arunachal Pradesh, and we will continue to try and help them.

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