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Ration Distribution in Kannuj, Uttar Pradesh

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Gyan Bauddh
Location of Work: Chhibramau, Kannuj
State: Uttar Pradesh
Team Members involved: Akash Deep, Nandkishor, Ramanandan, Tirth Raj Bauddh
Work details: NTI alumni in Kannuj in Uttar Pradesh surveyed their communities for the ones suffering most during this nationwide lockdown. They were able to identify 10 families who did not have enough to eat, and who were living in poor conditions. The alumni and volunteers were able to go door to door to these families and supply them with ration of basic food and grocery requirements, including rice and vegetables.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 10 families
Beneficiaries Details: Slum dwellers
Those who received ration from NTI alumni were very pleased and grateful that they could feed their families now.

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