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Ration Distribution 3

Ration distribution in Dhalai, Tripura

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Bhramara Tandia
Location of Work: Chalitacherra village, Dhalai District, South Tripura
State: Tripura
Team Members involved: Mallika Chakma, Prema Ranjan Chakma , Megnath Chakma , Tina Chakma

Work details: Nagaloka alumni in Tripura have successfully distributed food items to 36 families in need in Chalitacherra village. They were able to coordinate with others to organise ration 6kg of rice, 1kg of dal, 2kg potatoes, 2 bars of soap, 0.5kg oil, 300gm dry groceries, and 1kg salt for each of these families.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 150 people, 36 families
Beneficiaries Details: The beneficiaries are from the Chakma community. They are daily wage labourers. Many of them don’t even possess ration cards.

The occupation of most of the beneficiaries is daily wage labor. Due to lack down, they were helpless without work. Some families are without a ration card and these families are excluded from government facilities and aid.
The Chalitacherra villagers are thankful to Nagaloka and teams for their kind help. Thank you Nagaloka for helping the discriminated Chakma Community during this difficult time, it was an act of compassion.

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