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Ration Distribution at Dharmapuri, Tamil nadu

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: P.Stalin
Location of Work: Dharmapuri District, Thalanatham Village , Karthanoor village ,Mullipatti village .
State: Tamil Nadu
Team Members involved: P.Lenin, C. Mohan , Selvamurgan , J.Sandhanam ,Anbarasan, L.Revathi ,M.Suji, Murgan.
Work details: I am Stalin.P, alumni of N T I, first we took a survey of the needy people from the different places, after finding the need family numbers, and we listed there name to N T I. After we received the fund, we gave a order for and purchased basic needed items for the COVID-19 affected poor family. As per the survey we have distributed Village to village by the help of vehicle . while distributing the food kits mostly we reach to there door and few family received on one meeting point. Where every one was welly instructed about the social distance and wearing mask and all, we all so followed the same. Those who are unable to walk and so distance we reached their home place. All my volunteers were supported very positively to reach the supporting kit for the needy poor family’s .
Beneficiaries Quantity: 55
Beneficiaries Details: All the beneficiaries are from very poor family background , those who are daily wage landless labourers, in village . And due to poverty they are keep migrating to near by state and district , and few are widows and physically challenged . The most of the beneficiaries communities are from poor Dalit and few upper caste people.
The poor people were so happy after receiving their food grains, every beneficiary were thanked lot to Nagarjuna Training Institute for the great help on time. Whoever struggled even for their one time meal they could feel happy to have food for fifteen to 20 days. The most of the family were lost their hope and their self confidence during this lock down . During these situation our support was gave them great hope and improved their self confidence to feel better. Due to the COVID -19 crises some of the family were thought to suicide with their family members, Because their economic limitation and dignity they couldn’t mange the poor situation.

The help of NTI (Nagarjuna Training Institute Nagaloga ) create such a wonderful situation and opportunity to save them. one beneficiary said that ” we are very poor and daily wage land less labourers due to COVID -19 we are struggling lot to manage our family to feed them on time, really you saved us, whatever you supported it is heaven for us”

One women said that ” No one have me to help for my daily food, your food grains and vegetables are really made me happy and feel to cry that you supported on time thank you lot ” .

There are many family like the same poor situation, due to fund limitations we couldn’t reach them. However we could support 55 family for 15 to 20 days they can have three full time meal, (food grains and vegetables and spice items ).
Those who are not received the support kit, they are keep requesting and expecting from us.
There are lots of blessings and thank from the poor people for the great support, my self and my team felt so happy for the opportunity to serve to the needy.
I would like to thank you all N T I team coordination and the supporters.
This is my kind and humble request you that do support for renaming poor family’s, who are struggling to fill full their basic need and their family members.

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