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Ration Distribution at Ernakulam & Kollam, Kerala

Field Work Report:

Location of Work: Ernakulam & kollam District
State: Kerala
Team Members involved: Ernakulam: Raveendraprasad, Jayalal, Aneesh,Rajendraprasad, Jayaprakash, Kollam: Sanil, Raghesh, Sunil, Siji, Mukundhan
Work details: NTI Aliminus have to lead the local people to distribute food grains in the Ernakulam and Kollam district, with the help of local people we have done a small survey and know about their situation. based on that we have arranged food grains and medicines for needy people, we have distributed food kit to 25 families which is 16 items are included, who they need medicinal support we have given money to them.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 80
Beneficiaries Details: The beneficiaries all are belong to Dalit community they are daily laborers, and some of them are diabetic patients.
Our Beneficiaries are daily laborers those all belong to the Dalit community, their conditions were excruciating, because of the lockdown they were not able to generate their income it is affected their daily life. Amid this pandemic through Nagloka’s support, we have distributed medicines and food grains for poor was a great help for the community members. Since 2018 Kerala continuously facing the calamities, especially the Dalit community they never get any help from any institution. With this help, we have developed a positive emotion on Nagaloka. At this time we are expressing our great gratitude to Nagloka for their kind help.

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