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Kalpana and Varsha Ridge, Chattishgarh

Name:                Kalpna and Varsha Ridge
  Age:                 Nearly 35
  Occupation :      house hold work , made
  Location      :         Adarsh Nagar
  Income         :        3000 per month
  Married status :   widow both
 Those both women live in Adarsh nagar gudhiyari very poor and don’t have any other job they work as made, and earn only 3000 per month.
Their husband died due to sickness , didn’t get proper treatment on time they both have 2 children are very young and study in primary school.
Those women have very difficult condition as I mentioned they work as made and have very low income, which is not sufficient for them.but the condition goes worst these days where they use to go work the landlord stoped them not to come to work for few months because of Corona Virus.
So for 3 months those women are not going on work and have no work hardly they survive themselves. They were not in my list but when I heard about them and their situation , so thought let’s help them I got information from other person and I called them to my home and provided ration kits.
They both were very happy when they have lots of ration from us , from Nagloka then thanked to Nagloka and team we found happiness on their faces. I don’t whether they will go on work soon or not but many women who work as made they lost thei job and faced starving problem.
We feel happy to reach such people really who are very needy and supported them.
Thank you Nagloka team and donors team .

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