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Ration Distribution 2

Lalitha and Laxmi, Nizamabad Telangana

Case Study

Lalitha and Laxmi both are sisters and get married to one husband, and they lost they husband 35 years
ago, they belong to Scheduled caste, Madiga Community, lalitha have one son and laxmi doesn’t have
any child but lalitha’s son live separately with his wife and childrens, lalitha age is Nearly 80 years and
half paralyses, laxmi’s age is about 65 years old and she is the only one sources to feed both of them,
laxmi works in Gung as a dally labor, and earn RS/-150, to 200, per day, to feed themselves, due to the
covid 19 lockdown, they life’s was most worstly effected, there is no work and no savings and they even
won’t have grocers, and food to survival the Covid 19 situation , they have ration card and they get only
rice on it but which is not sufficient to feed themselves, so everything was closed some days they won’t
have food to eat, there are so many days they sleep empty stomach, lalitha and laxmi use to ask the
food at nearby the houses sometimes they get , but most of the times the people will heat them due to
they looking appearance, they won’t have proper dress, and look, small children’s will fear by looking
them, someone told them that Rahul is distributing the groceries, go an approach him, then lalitha
came to my house and requested for food, as a part of our disbursement of groceries, we have
distribute to them.

After receiving the groceries both of them are came to me and trying to touching my feet the girl in a
photo is a lalitha’s grand daughter which is holding the poster of thanking nagaloka, they feel very
surprised by seeing us with ration kit I can see the tears in they eyes, while receiving it, we said them
that don’t thank us thank to nagaloka who has donated this for you without knowing you.

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