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Ration Distribution 3

Ration Distribution at Trivandram, Kerala

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: SHYAM BABU B
Location of Work: Trivandram
State: Kerala
Team Members involved: Shambabu
Work details: My village is very backward. Farming is the main occupation here. Few families use to go to the cities as daily waged in Trivandrum. The lock down brought very basic difficulties for the families. But analyzing it deeply, our people were badly affected. They were struggling for their meals. They were very much worried about how to feed their children. Getting to know such, i send a proposal for help to Nagaloka. I received the support at the earliest. I took the responsibility to relief the people accordingly.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 18
Beneficiaries Details: Farmers, SC communities, Daily waged labors and Minorities
People were really relieved by this initiation.
They thanked a lot to myself and the Nagaloka and the donors too.

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