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Ration Distribution 2

Ration Distribution at Kannuaj, Uttar Pradesh

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Santosh Priya Bauddha
Location of Work: Chibramau, Kannauj
State: Uttar Pradesh
Team Members involved: Santosh Priya, Jaydev Singh, Girand Singh, Tirth Raj, Karuna Bauddha, Ganesh Chandra.
Work Details: I collected the list of 37 families in 14 th villages in my local area. I make Appel for Nagaloka for food material (Ration) help than within two weeks I got funds for help to need people (families) during in Corona Voirius (Lockdown) situation. When I got fund then I bought food materials from Chibramau. Then my volunteers My daughter and some youth friends help me to make packing. Then I went to Nagala Mahaun, Sarva, Nagala Bauri, Nagala Bari, Saray Gopal, Lalpur, Tiliyani, Mahmodiya, and Sudama Nagala with my Team. Then I offered Ration ( food material for them.this kinds of I provided Ration kit for each family beside it We generated awareness for how to avoid Corona Voirius in this critical situation. We shared a message for them please make two miters physical distance, wash your hands by Dettol Soaps, don’t go out from home, use mask or cloth through covering the mouth, etc. People were very happy to receive food material. They gave thanks for whole our supporter team. I was using my motorbike for distributing Ration kits. I pay my volunteer work very hard.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 22
Beneficiaries Details: Particular I provided help in Community level, they are mostly lever workers
People were feeling better when they got food material band guidelines in the Community level. People make more respectful respond from each other. People are continuing to keep in touch, they follow our instructions by phone contact because in my area still 100% Lockdown. Near my village, Many Korona Voirius patients find out. Here the situation is not good that why I,m not go outside from home.

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