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Ration Distribution at Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh

Field Work Report:

Location of Work: Divan , MIAO Subdivisions, District Changlang
State: Arunachal Pradesh
Team Members involved: Buddha Kumar Chakma
Work details: I have been purchase Rice ,Mustard oil and Salt . I have been purchase from Diyun. I was distributing in two types among the 12 villages in two was. Some villages are without repackaging and some village ration was repacking. It was very easy for Distribution after repacking. I have distributed Rice, Mustard oil and Salt. Our village Gauhborah (GB) and other member help me in Distribution. I was face many difficulties in Distribution due to heavy rain continue. Seems it was very helpful with our Donation of ration. I was distorted to 95 Families.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 354
Beneficiaries Details: Daily Wages, partial vegetables Seller , widow women and poor farmers.
People are very Happy while receiving the ration and they bless us many. They appreciate our Nagaloka organisation work for helping of Needy families during this difficult time of Corona Virus crisis. Chakma community are given thank to Nagaloka and many people share gratitude to Nagaloka. People are looking positively to our Volunteer.

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