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Orphanage Centre

Ration Distribution at Subarnapur, Orissa

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Bhramara Tandia
Location of Work: Bhima Bhoi Orphan School Baseswarpali, Subarnapur
State: Odisha
Team Members involved: Bhramara Tandia(NTI Alumni), Rabindra Jal, Bihari Suna and Gambhir Mahakur
Work details: I am glad to inform you that the relief work that was initiated to help the Bhima Bhoi Orphan school at Baseswarpali has been a huge success. I would like to thank Lakhindar Soren, Maitreya Dada, and Nagaloka team for this great initiative. students and founder of that school have expressed their happiness for this help.
I, Bhramara Tandian along with my friends Rabi and Bihari Suna have taken the responsibility and made all the necessary purchases and arranged for transportation.
We were able to procure,
11 bags of Rice, 1 Tin of oil,16 kg of Moong Dal, 5 kg of soybean,10 kg of washing powder, and also we have able to provide potato, onion, tomato, green chilly, Pumpkin, Masala, hair oil, lux Sabun, and Biscuits.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 44
Beneficiaries Details: The beneficiaries were all the Orphan and they are staying at Bhima Bhoi Orphan school at Baseswarpali in Sonepur odisha.
on the behave of Orphan school, I Bhrama Tandia would like to give my gratitude for this compassionate work and to Nagaloka COVID-19 Respond teams for this help. it has brought eminence happiness among students for this kind of relief during this crisis.
Thank you so much Nagaloka for your kind help.

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