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Relief work at Subarnapur, Orissa

Name: Bhramara Tandia

Location: Sankara, Subarnapur

State: Odisha

Team members: Bhramara Tandia(NTI Alumni), Atara, Sebaka jagadala, Pruthib Deep, Santanu Biswal, Rabi, Bihari, Papu

Work Details: I, along with my team are glad to inform you that the relief work that was initiated to help the people of Sankara village has been a huge success.
I along with my team made all the necessary purchases and arranged for the transportation of the commodities.
We were able to distribute the following items to the needy people during these crisis times.
16 bags of 25 kg of rice along with 1 pocket of oil to each family, Dal, tomatoes, onion, pumpkin, potatoes to each family. the relief work had done in two Pada- one is Dalits and Muslim.

Outreach: 150

Beneficiaries: There were 40 households of Daily wagers Labour’s, poor families, widow women and old age people

Remark: we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Nagaloka COVID-19 Respond teams for this help. it has brought eminence happiness among the community in this huge relief. Specially thanks to Lakhindar and Maitrye Dada.
Thank you so much Nagaloka for your kind help.


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