You are currently viewing Ration Distribution at Fatehpur, Gaya, Bihar

Ration Distribution at Fatehpur, Gaya, Bihar

Name: Upendra


State: Bihar

Team members: Upendra, Anil, and Subodh

Work Details: We first saw the status of the people that because of the lockdown, many are at home, they were having trouble eating due to lack of work. We made a list of some people and advised them to help. We provided them with basic ration materials like rice, pulse, potato, onion, salt, and oil.

Total Outreach: 25

Beneficiaries: Daily labors, Rickshaw Pullers, Barbar, and widows

Remarks: The families were very happy and very surprised about this kind of help. They came to touch our feet and appreciated our help. They cannot express their emotional feelings through words.

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