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Ration Distribution 4

Ration distribution at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Volunteer’s Name: Moka Ujwal
Location of Work: Visakhapatnam
State: Andhra Pradesh
Team Members involved: Moka Ujwal, Kona David, Sai Mouli
Work Details: It is much metta to find people struggling to feed their children. We visited nearby slums and found out that many of them are daily waged laborers. They use to go to their nearby highway and wait for contractors to hire them for a day and get paid.
Due to lock down and the physical distancing, many have not been hired for months.
Our team surveyed and find out the neediest among them. We also included the domestic workers, widows, single women, and listed accordingly.
After receiving support from Nagaloka, we packed the necessary ration materials and distributed to the people mentioned in the list.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 36
Beneficiaries Details: Daily waged labours, domestic workers, widows, single women
It was heartfelt for many of them after they received the ration kits. They were very thankful to us and the Nagaloka Organisation in this regard.

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