Dalits and the Muslim community had badly affected during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This was every village of the deprived community such as Dalits and Muslims who have witnessed this turmoil in every minute. During our survey, we came across that many families were suffering from a shortage of food and other basic material. We have observed that each family has a pathetic story and miserable life condition in the village.
Kendalu Jagadala , a 45-year-old farmer and daily wage labor has been suffering from kidney problems and headaches. He has two daughters and one son. The elder daughter had to stop her education due to the financial condition that family as her father was not able to work anymore. His wife does all the daily work around the village as brick working, paddy cutting, and construction work. Whatever amount she got from that daily works, they live their daily life. Even the young son is 6 years; he used to help his mother in farming work sometimes. Apart from that the entire years the family is suffering from the medical issue of the Father. When we ask about to go a better hospital then they reply due to lack of money we were not able to go to a better hospital that why we treatment here in small clinics near or village. Though the government has given ration it was not sufficient for them to sustain every month.
The Muslim community also suffering from multiple ways as such as no land, no livelihood for them, and also they were no such scheme for them for their daily life. The Muslim community was also no different than the miserable condition of the Dalits community. The whole Muslim community used to depend on the daily ferry work by repairing umbrellas and Katha sealai. They move from village to village to get some money for their daily foods. But lockdown has stopped their bread earning. While receiving NAGALOKA relief they were happy and give they’re blessed towards Nagaloka and teams.

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