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Ramabai from Nizamabad, Telangana

Name: Ramabai
Age:  39
Occupation:    Housewife
Husband: Steel Roof Company worker

Ramabai is a housewife and she has four children. Her husband is working in the steel roof company but due to corona crises the steel roof company had closed. Her husband became unemployed. Ramabai got some heart stocks amid this lockdown pandemic. Due to COVID issues, nearby hospitals were not ready to look and admit Ramabai. With our interventions, she was admitted into one of a Government hospital. She was treated well and was discharged soon. But further Ramabai and her husband were very worried as they had not been able to properly feed their children for the last 5 days. They were very worried about whether they could survive or not if the situation would not change. They were very happy to receive the ration kits. It was a mere relief for them. We had an exchange of our contact numbers to be in touch with each other. Currently, her husband is working in another steel company and they regularly use to call us.

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