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Vishaka Yuvraj Dhule from Nizamabad, Telangana

Name: Vishaka Yuvraj Dhule
Age:  27
Husband:     Daily waged Labour


Vishaka has one child who is 2yrs old. Her husband Yuvraj is working as daily Labour. They live in a rented house. She was alone at her house when we went to provide her ration kits. She was filled with water, was very surprise, shocked by our presence. She felt very thankful to us, asked us for some water for us. She weeping asked us our contact numbers.
Next Day, we received a call from her husband. He appreciated and thanked us a lot for such help. He meant us near to God who came to help them.  He added that they have nothing to cook in the kitchen. He was somehow managing from neighbours and feeding for a week. Many of the meals, both Yuvraj and Vishakha used to be an empty or half stomach. In that condition, Yuvraj uses to go out in search of work but he has not found any till yet.  Yesterday when he returned, he saw that Vishakha has cooked Mixed Rice-“khichdi’. He was surprised and asked about the food. Vishakha said to him about our team. He once again gave so many Thanks adding that this has given him confidence and inspiration for his life.

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