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Blankets and Educational Kits Distribution at Kalahandi

Work Location:  Sagarpada & Dangaripada, Block: Jaipatna, District: Kalahandi, Odisha
Team Members Name:  Fhulari Chakma, Maitreyaratna and Bhisma Chhatria

First, we did a survey in the village with the help of Bhisma Chhatria, an active Ambedkarite volunteer and find out the beneficiaries, mainly our target people are old man and woman; those belong to the very poor background, we also selected the widow, physically handicapped and mentally challenge people to distribute Blanket.
In this village, we also listed out the poor students to distribute Educational kits ( Two Notebooks, One Geometry box, Wordbook, Tens Chart Book, One Pen and Odia Varnabodh Book).  A couple of volunteers from that village helps us to set up the relief camp, In a couple of case, we went to needy people’s home because they are not able to walk.
Total Number of beneficiaries:
Blanket:50 and Educational Kits: 40

Details of beneficiaries: The old woman and men are depended on Daily wagers and they are from Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe community

It was a wonderful experience to serve the old woman and man through distributing blanket for that We are all very thankful to Nagaloka for giving us this chance to serve vulnerable people during COVID-19 and especially in the winter to old people. The beneficiaries are very much appreciated our work and know about Nagaloka and Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

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