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Blanket- Panigaon & Dumermunda (5)

Blanket and Educational kit distribution at Panigaon, Kalahandi, Orissa

Name: Doll Divya
Actual Report Date:  03-01-2021
Work Location(City/District): 2 Village: Panigaon and Dumermunda, Block: Kalampur, District: Kalahandi
Work State: Odisha
Team Members Name: Divya, Jagamohan Mahanand, Biswambar Kanta, Ashish Nag, Chaitanya Kanta and Maitreyaratna 
What and how did you volunteer: 
Ashish Nag and Biswambar Kanta both are NTI Alumni and they both survey in the village and listed out the Beneficiaries, mainly our target people are old men and women. we also listed out the widow, physically handicapped, and mentally challenge people to distribute Blanket. 
In this village, we also find out the poor students to distribute Educational kits ( Two Notebooks, One Geometry box, Wordbook, Tens Chart Book, One Pen, and Odia Varnabodh Book).  
A couple of volunteers from the village helps us to set up the relief camp, we celebrate Mata Savitribai Jayanti just before the relief work and give a short speech on her great work also we give a very brief introduction about Nagaloka and our relief work. In a couple of cases, we went to a very old woman and man home because they are not able to walk.  
Total Number of beneficiaries: Blanket: 35 and Educational Kits: 44
Details of beneficiaries: Total Blanket Beneficiaries- 35 and Total Educational Kits Beneficiaries- 44. The old woman and men are dependent on others and they are Daily wagers from Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe community 
Outcome or Remarks: 
All the beneficiaries informed about Mata Savitribai Phule mainly the students seem very interested to know more about her. after getting the blanket all are happy and seems joyful. students have big smiles on their faces. all are express their Gratitude towards donors. 
There are more needy people in this village so we ensure or promise them to distribute Blankets in the next phase of our covid relief work.

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