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Ration Kit Distribution at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh- Day 1

Volunteer’s Name: Bhanu Pratap
Report Date: 2021-01-08
Location of Work: Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
Team Members involved: Bhanu Pratap, Kaushal Ahirwar, Kalyan Singh Lodhi, Vishal Yadav, Kanchi Yadav
Work details: One of the volunteers had his car therefore, we put up 20 ration kits to the car and went to villages Sempura, Tapran, Mariyatoli, Gayaganj, and Sempura Ghatiya. We were a team of 6 volunteers. Except I, all were much familiar about the villages and the people who live there. They volunteer to identify genuine people, and we facilitated the dry ration kits to them.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 20
Beneficiaries Details: Daily wages labourer, woodman belong to Aadiwasi community, people of slum area, widow women, travelers, etc. Cow-dung women who working with ohter’s home.
The beneficiaries who received dry ration were genuine and were in extreme need. What we had planned, we executed. The volunteers who were familiar with the villages and communities had invited the peoples to get dry ration. Systemically, we had provided dry ration kits to each family without being disturbed and attracting the crowd.
The Sarpanch and Sachiv of the same village came for the facilitation the same. They also helped us in the identification of needy families.

The beneficiaries who obtained the dry ration kits were not having Pakka Makan. They all were very grateful to the Sanstha, although they were thinking that we are the Government Officials. But, we intimated to them that we are not from the Government; we are from an NGO.

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