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Ration distribution at Pimpri Gurav, Pune, Maharashtra

Name: Prashant Rangari
Work Location(City/District): Pimpri Gurav, Pune
Work State: Maharashtra
Team Members Name: Milind Shakya, Vivekmitra an Lakhindar
What and how did you volunteer:
My child is mentally impaired and I have to send my child to a special school. This was so difficult times  for all of us and so for the school members too. The school is privately owned and run. Thus it was not clear about the pays of school staff and other workers. Getting to know such situations, I tried to get more information from the Principle herself. They say that they have suffered a lot since the first lockdown. I told the story to my colleagues in Manuski. They accepted the proposal to help at least 40 kits to the school members. 
Total Number of beneficiaries: Ration Kits: 40
Details of beneficiaries: Teachers, staff members and other school workers of the disability school
Outcome or Remarks:
It was a wonderful experience to serve them. It does not matter which ideological frame we involve in. But the pandemic has adversely affected each one of us. especially the teachers. The online studies seem quite supporting but bring a lot many challenges for mentally impaired students. The children hardly sit for a minute in the class, and we urge them to sit in front of screen. Amid this challenges, teachers face half salary cut with irregularity of pays. Thus it was nice experience interacting and supporting the school members.

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