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Ration Kit Distribution at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh- Day 2

Volunteer’s Name: Bhanu Pratap
Report Date: 2021-01-13
Location of Work: Sagar
State: Madhya Pradesh
Team Members involved: Kaushal Ahirwar, Vinod Ahirwar, Vishal Yadav, and Kalyan Singh Lodhi
Work details: Our volunteers were familiar with the beneficiaries and their conditions. A team of volunteers had covered one or two-family by providing them dry ration kits. All widowed women were from village Patkui, and one old man who was disabled was from village Amakhurd. The other old disabled man was from village Bararu. And the rest of the old man and women from the villages, Luhari, Richhoda.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 09
Beneficiaries Details: Old Widows, elderly people, elderly man with disability
The 9 beneficiaries were elderly people and widows. Those women who were disabled and old were single. They did not have any children and relatives who can help them. They depend on other’s kindness. Two of the Oldman were disabled as well. They all were in extreme need of any kind of support. They were very thankful for the support provided by the Manuski.

Our volunteers had reached their home and provided dry ration support because they all were unable to come to get ration. Therefore, our volunteers did not get any difficulties by providing the same. Our volunteers were also happy to support such people who had nothing to have.

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