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Ration Kit Distribution at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh- Day 3

Volunteer’s Name: Bhanu Pratap
Report Date: 2021-01-15
Location of Work: Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
Team Members involved: Bhanu Pratap, Kaushal Ahirwar
Work details:
I am Bhanu Pratap alumnus of NTI who is currently working at Sagar. I along with one of my co-workers namely Kaushal Ahirwar reached out to 40 Daily wagers, people of slum areas, travelers, disabled, widows, etc. family by providing them dry ration kits. The beneficiaries were from villages like Jinda, Bamora, Patkui, etc. of Sagar district and mainly belong to deprived communities and were extremely in need.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 40
Beneficiaries Details: Daily wagers, people of slum areas, travelers, disabled, widow, etc.
The beneficiaries who received dry ration were happy, but not all beneficiaries, because they wanted a few more kits for their other family members. When we reached individually, the family who was obtaining dry ration was happy and thankful to the organization. But in the crowd, other people also were coming to get dry ration kits. Some members from the same family sat in the queue to obtain the ration, and it was challenging for us to identify the same. We recruited a village head who helped us in the process of identification. But this process had taken a lot of our time. Some children requested us to give them masks. But, we have had four masks for each family and were not able to provide children separately. It was challenging for us to deal with children as well as maintaining physical distance among the people. Because as soon as some families got to know about the distribution of the dry ration; they immediately had reached the distribution venue, and asked us to provide dry ration kits to them as well.

In the village Bamora, the situation had become worst, because, a lot of families had reached the distribution place, and wanted to get dry ration kits. But we did not have enough kits for distribution because we did not want to distribute all kits in a single village. We just wanted to distribute kits in the villages which we had already identified.

Moreover, we had planned to distribute all dry ration kits to the needy and hired a pick-up. But we got late and could not reach all. The amount we mentioned in the quotation we lost in a single day. But it is not a big problem for us because we have some other resource to reach out to the families.


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