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Ambadola, Anjodi & Indrapara (1)

Blanket and Education kit distribution at Rayagada

Name: Biswambar Kanta

Actual Report Date*: 


Work Location(City/District):  3 Village: Ambadola, Indra Sahi and Anjodi, Block: Muniguda, District: Rayagada

Work State: Odisha

Team Members Name:

Biswambar Kanta, Jagamohan, Subash Bibhar, Sibu Kusulia, Uddhaba, Krupasindhu, Kamini and Maitreyaratna

What and how did you volunteer?*

Sibu Kusulia one of NTI Alumni who recently finished the Online Dhammasekhiya Course do a survey with the help of Uddhaba, Kamini and Krupasindhu all are very active people, Krupasindhu along with above mention people running a free tuitions class called Buddha Students Empower through that they are serving for Just Society. The village is well connected in terms of communication but people are very backwards educationally, economically and socially, most of the people are living their life in Below Poverty Line. The Anjodi village is a fully tribal village people are uneducated and very poor.   In the village we listed out the Beneficiaries, mainly our target people are the old man and woman those are dependent also listed out the widow, physically handicapped and mentally challenged people to distribute Blanket.

In this village, we also find out many poor but intelligent students, most are very much interested to know about Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and Buddhist path, we listed out the beneficiaries students for distributing Educational kits ( Two Notebooks, One Geometry box, Wordbook, Tens Chart Book, One Pen and Odia Varnabodh Book).

One of a big challenge for us to distribute the Blanket and Edu Kit to such a huge number of beneficiaries. We manage it with the help of local volunteer, we make a big team for distribution. While distributing we find out needier students and we haven’t kit but one of our volunteer Name Subash Bibhar donate 50 set (which we are not including in our total beneficiaries) of Notebook, pen and pencil, which is more helpful to us for smooth work and we able to reach more needy students.

Total Number of beneficiaries*: 

Blanket and Edu. KIT: 380

Details of beneficiaries: The old woman and men are dependent on others and they are Daily wagers from Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe community. Students are very intelligent but very poor.

Total Blanket Beneficiaries- 155 

Total Educational Kits Beneficiaries- 225. 

Outcome or Remarks:

All the beneficiaries informed about Nagaloka, Babasaheb and Nagaloka Relief Work by Jagamohan and Biswambar Kanta. after getting blanket all are happy and seems joyful.

There are more needy people in all three villages so we talk with them about our difficulty and insufficient fund, in coming days if we get more fund from our kind donors then we can try to come again and help them. Students are very happy after getting Edu. KIT. Most of the students want to learn in Nagaloka as well want to know more about our work and Babasaheb.

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