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Blanket distribution at Kalahandi, Orissa

Name: Doll Divya
Actual Report Date:  25-01-2021
Work Location(City/District): Village: Bandhakana, Block: Kalampur, District: Kalahandi
Work State: Odisha
Team Members Name:  Divya, Bhupendra Chhatria, Biswambar Kanta, and Goura Chandra Bag
What and how did you volunteer
Bhupendra Chhatria and Biswambar Kanta both are NTI Alumni. They both survey in the village and listed out the Beneficiaries, Mainly target people are old man and woman those are dependent also listed out the widow, physically handicapped and mentally challenged people to distribute Blanket. 
In this village, most people are from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and OBC’s. 
People are daily wagers and depend on agricultural farm work. 
Total Number of beneficiaries:  Blanket: 57
Details of beneficiaries:
Total Blanket Beneficiaries-: 57 The old woman and men are dependent on others and they are Daily wagers from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and OBC’S community 
Outcome or Remarks
All the beneficiaries informed about Nagaloka, Babasaheb, and Nagaloka Relief Work  By Bhupendra Chhatria and Biswambar Kanta. after getting blanket all are happy and seems joyful. 
There are more needy people in this village so we talk them to distribute Blankets in the coming future.

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