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Ration distribution at 5 villages of Rayagada, Orissa

Name: Biswambar Kanta

Work Location(City/District): 5 Villages of Rayagada District: 1. Dongaribori, 2. Ruknibori, 3.Jamjodi, 4. Urlang and 5. Paikpada.

Work State: Odisha

Team Members Name:  Biswambar Kanta, Uddhaba Kusulia, Bisa Jakasika, Sukru Nudruka, Bachhan Koushlya, Dhurja Nudruka and Krupasindhu Koushlya and Maitreyaratna

What and how did you volunteer

I am Biswambar an alumnus of Nagarjuna Training Institute, Currently, I am pursuing my B.Tech (Civil) at Gunpur, Rayagada district. I have a couple of friends in Ambadola village, I have been visited many times there and notice that people from the Scheduled  Tribe community are living below the poverty line (BPL) There is no scope of any earning scope except collect wildflower (Mahuli) for selling and making wine. Mahuli wine is an indigenous drink also called Mahuwa. The beneficiaries were from 5 Villages; 1. Dongaribori, 2. Ruknibori, 3.Jamjodi, 4. Urlang and 5. Paikpada of Rayagada district and mainly belong to deprived communities and were extremely in need. We distributed ration Kits with three tribal educated people called Dhurja Nudruka, Bisa Jakasika and Sukru Nudruka before they are helping us to find out the beneficiaries, actually, almost all are needy family. While we distribute the ration Kits we saw that some of the parents are absent in their home because they went to the forest to collect Mahuli, so we gave the ration to their Kids.

Total Number of beneficiaries:  Ration KIT- 130

Details of beneficiaries: Daily wagers, Trible people of remote villages.

Outcome or Remarks

The beneficiaries who received dry ration were extremely happy and they are fully surprised. they are giving us lots of wishes and express their gratitude toward us, Nagaloka and our Donors. Children seem so happy after getting dry ration, we feel satisfied to see their smiling faces. some are asking again when you people are coming back to our village for distributing ration because the first time they are getting such quality ration. They are asking for their relative’s villages; are you going to distribute those villages also, we simply answer them then next time if possible we will come to your villages also to your relatives.

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