You are currently viewing Ration Kit Distribution at Market Yard Slum, Pune

Ration Kit Distribution at Market Yard Slum, Pune

Volunteer’s Name: Kapil
Report Date: 2021-03-30
Location of Work: Market Yard, Pune
State: Maharashtra
Team Members involved: Lakhindar, Raj, Shankar, Bunty
Work details: Our Market Yard slum is highly populated. It comprises of more than 5000 families. The slum has worse conditions of living in terms of hygiene especially. We try to make people aware about the ongoing worse conditions of pandemic. But due to lack of resources, people have to go out to look for livelihood opportunities. It has worsen more now due to increase of unemployment. We did basic survey in the slum and found our the most needy people. The survey details were submitted to Manuski team who assured us about the availability of the ration kits. We received and started the distribution.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 150
Beneficiaries Details: Rikshaw puller, manual scavagers, sweper, maids, widows and daily waged labours
It was so heartful to execute the whole relief work. The situation is is worse. People getting to know about the relief work out of the list also join in the line. It is so heartful that we could reach a handful of people out of more than 1000 families.
We expect that more and more support could be provided through Manuski in this deadly conditions.


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