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Relief Support at Gokul Nagar, Raipur

Volunteer’s Name: Akshayvajra
Report Date: 10 May 2021
Location of Work: Gokul nagar, Raipur
State: Chhattisgarh
Team Members involved: Akshayvajra, vairochan, Alumni
Work details: It’s great to say that first we have visited in such a area where we found needy people who are migrated from near by states to do labour work.
We make a list and found many beneficiaries have not ration cards, so they don’t have food to eat. Their occupation is labour, painter, machin operators, mason, few are disabled and few are widow women , we found a family , woman is widow and her 2 young children were begging, and collect garbage to sellout and have some food, she lives Gokul Nagar slum near the railway line. She is very she seems very week , we asked her what is your job and she replied , use to work as house maid, but dud to virus no one gives her job to clean house and work as maid servant.
So in a very poor area we according to our list provided ration kits (raw food grains) masks soap and sanitary napkins in 80 house.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 30
Beneficiaries Details: Daily wagers, widow, handicapped, old men, women
Gokul nagar (odiya basti )
We have been in that area it also slum, and they are migrated from Odisha, live near Railway line mostly work as labour, daily wagers , painter and very few of them are single parents like mother, we found 2 families have only leafy vegetables and they eat without rice and chapaties, because no ration cards local parshad didn’t support them, nearly 200 families are there but we couldn’t provided kits all of them.
When they received food packets feel very happy and glad they tanked to Nagaloka and team.

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