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Dry Ration Kit Distribution at Shrinagar, Bharatpur

Volunteer’s Name: Lokpal Dhammkirti
Report Date: 15th May 2021
Location of Work: Shrinagar, Bharatpur
State: Rajasthan
Team Members involved: Lokpal Dhammkirti( Rambabu), Omprakash, Vishwas Gautam, Bahadur Singh, Pradeep Kumar Kardam
Work details: We provided dry ration kits to the 60 family in my village. We also explained then about importance of maintaining physical distancing to be safe from this pandemic. Village Shrinagar population is about 4500-5000 . Villages most of the women are widow in their early age.

Mining is the main occupation in this village. Because of this main are affected by disease known as Silicosis resulting many deaths. Our main beneficiary were mostly widow, old men, and those families who had no earner.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 60
Beneficiaries Details: All beneficiaries belong to labour class sector, daily wages worker, sum of SC community, they work in local area
Thank you Lokamitra sir giving me this opportunity to help these people during this pandemic covid -19 second wave and also thanks to Nagaloka, Manuski trust and. Thanks to our state coordinator PradeepKumar He always co-ordinate or alumini for dhamma & relief work. my team they distribute rashion kit with great enthusiasm and happiness. They following corona guidelines as well. Thank again who support us always.. ..Lokpal Dharmakirti

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