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Groceries Kit Distribution at Nizamabad Nakal Radio Station

Volunteer’s Name: A Sridhar
Report Date: 19th May 2021
Location of Work: Nizamabad Nakal Radio Station
State: Telangana
Team Members involved: A Sridhar Kapil
Work details: Firstly we identify the beneficiaries and we have pick up the groceries from the supermarket and transported in an auto and we have distribute the groceries door-to-door and municipal circle
Total Beneficiaries Families: 50
Total Beneficiaries People: 125
Beneficiaries Details: Dally wage earners, health worker,
Well while receiving the groceries they feel very happy and they are really thankful to our nagaloka that by saying in this covid situation you are helping much more you are doing a great job due to lock down we have lost our job and also we don’t have sufficient money to buy our basic amenities but nagaloka has providing the groceries which we can sustain 15 to 20 days -Thank You Nagaloka


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