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Relief work at Yerawada, Pune

Volunteer’s Name: Manuski Team

Location of Work: Yerawada
State: Maharashtra
Team Members involved: Vivekmitra, Vinod, Vajrajaya, Prashant, and Bhanu

Total Beneficiaries Families: 30
Total Beneficiaries People: 150
Beneficiaries Details:
Daily wage earner, Migrants, Maid, single women, Ragpickers

Work Details: It is so horrifying when we witness the adverse conditions of the poor and deprived class people. The villages are affected the most but lesser in comparison to Urban slums. Manuski centre is located next to the Yerawada slum. Many families live in worse conditions. They find one room at least. This time, it is summer and amid the strict State government Lockdown restrictions, people are bound to bear the heat in one room. The room seems so small that it cannot afford 4 family members also. But they live in 5 or 6 in numbers.

Our team surveyed the beneficiaries and listed a long list. We reported the survey to the administration of the relief work. They could support us with minimum kits that we distributed to the neediest from the list. We are able to support with basic ration kits.

Remarks: Beneficiaries were feeling the relief from getting the ration kits. They have been complaining that it is a very difficult time for them. Many have lost their jobs. They have no money to feed their family members. This help will make them survive for at least 20 days. They also beg to give them jobs.


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