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Ration Kit distribution at Amravati

Volunteer’s Name: Bharat Wankhede
Report Date: 8th June 2021
Location of Work: Chembur Soda, Amravati
State: Maharashtra
Team Members involved: Rajesh, Pritam, Ranjana

Total Beneficiaries Families: 25
Total Beneficiaries People: 125
Beneficiaries Details: Daily waged earners, construction site workers, field workers, migrants, Tribal Korku community

Work details: We focused only 5 villages. They all belong to tribal communities namely koruku, Pari, etc. Government support only rice and wheat to the ration card holders, but these people don’t have neither the ration nor any other documents. This is so pathetic amid these pandemic and rising Covid cases in Amravati.
We friends from various professionals came together and surveyed the people from the 5 villages. We listed out the most basics we can provide the needy families that would support their living for minimum 15-20 days.

Our support is not so much satisfaction as we observe that this pandemic has been worse day after day for the daily waged labours of our community. But it is a Relief that we could support some from what ever support we received from Manuski.
We could find the light within the dark after distributing ration kits to the needy. We can observe the families delighted and so we do.

Thanking the donors for their compassionate action in this difficult times.


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