You are currently viewing Dry Ration Kit distribution in collaboration with Akashzep Foundation-Ramtek

Dry Ration Kit distribution in collaboration with Akashzep Foundation-Ramtek

Report Date: 08 to 18 June 2021
Ramtek Area: Shitalwadi, Parsoda, Mansar, Parseoni, Dahegaon, Yesamba, Nimkheda,
Nagpur Area : Godhni, Sonegaon, Chandramani Nagar, Yadav Nagar, Kukde Layout, Bezenbag, Issasani, Samta Colony, Shivangaon & Slum areas.
Work State: Maharashtra
Team Members Name: Sakshodhan Kadbe, Chetan Meshram, Arvind Dunedar, Shrikant, Yerpude, Dilip Pawar, Tarachand Chauhan, Sunil Warthi, Mahadeo Dharmik, Archana Kadbe, Anshuja Kimmatkar, Vaibhav Turak, Shailesh Wadhai Etc.

Details of beneficiaries:
Total Number of Families
: 68
Total Number of People: 275
All the beneficiaries who seek the help  were manual laborers-daily wagers. Due to Covid, many families have lost their main earners. Employment was lost. They have no other supporters. All these families live in rural areas, slums and footpath. They come from the SC, ST, OBC, NT communities and financially backward classes.

Work Reports:

The Corona virus outbreak brought lives across the world to a standstill with more than 140000 lakh people losing their lives in India.
During this COVID crisis we saw many families who were unable to perform the last rites for their loved ones, some families were quarantined, while some didn’t want to because of fear of getting infected. There were so many cases when people abandoned body of the deceased. That’s when doctors, healthcare staff,different NGOs and individuals who selflessly dedicated themselves to save lives and extend helping aid to masses with basic health and food/grocery requirements.
One among such organisation under Bhartiya Abhiyan was ‘ Manuski ‘,Pune and Aakashjhep foundation,of Ramtek,Nagpur who distributed grocery packets to the jobless,unemployed, deprived, poor and needy section of Sheetalwadi, Parsoda, Mansar, Parshivni, Dahegaon, Yesamba, Nimkheda of Ramtek region and Godhni, Sonegaon, Chandramni nagar, Yadav nagar, Kukde layout, Bezonbaugh, Samta colony, Isasani, Shivangaon and slums of Nagpur region. Mr.Chetan Meshram (co-ordinator, NNBY ,India) and Mr. Uttam Shetty from Nashik played their key roles in mobilizing the aid and reaching out to the needy masses. They consistently extended their humanitarian service in the pandemic situation from 8th June to 18th June 2020.
The chief organizer Mr.Sakshedhan Kadbe of Bhartiya Abhiyan, Dy. chairperson -Prof. Arvind Dunedar , Prof. Shrikant Yerpude, Mr.Dilip Pawar-(Treasurer), Prof. Tarachand Chavan -(co-secretary), directors-Mrs. Archana Kadbe, Vaibhav Turak, Shailesh Vadhai and others were also among those COVID warriors to run this social service in such pandemic crisis.
They risked their own lives to save the lives of others.
Words fall short to express gratitude towards Bharitya Abhiyan Samiti, Manuski (Pune), Akashjhep Foundation and these Corona Warriors.




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